Currently sitting in Munich Hbf waiting for my train to Nuremberg. It has been an interesting time here and Munich is very different to the rest of Germany, unfortunately it attracts a lot of English stag dos but I had a good time nevertheless.

The city is a lot more difficult to navigate compared to other German cities and is a lot more lively. I was surprised that a lot of people really do walk around in lederhosen here as standard dress.

I mainly just wandered around the city whilst I was here which I still couldn’t tell you how to get around easily, I also paid a visit to Deutsches Museum which was good and a lot bigger than I realised, took at least 3 hours if not longer to get around, the electricity demonstration was good to see.

Probably need a bit more time here to get the most out of the city as it takes long enough just to figure out where things are. Would have spent a lot more time drinking (as is the main thing to do in this city) but I thought I’d take it easy for a bit having drank enough over the past few days. Plus on the first night I bought one drink at the bar and then ended up with a ridiculous amount of people buying drinks for me in with their rounds.

Looking forward to Nuremberg which is a lot more traditional German with a large old town area, plus my youth hostel is in a castle ^^.

Josh xx






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