Just a short travel blog written mostly as something to do on train journeys and I thought it would be a nice way to keep track of things, will update whenever I have wifi or a decent 3G connection. This will be an almost entirely mobile written blog but I’ll try and keep content as well laid out as I can and add pictures when possible.

©2013 Google-Map Data
©2013 Google-Map Data

So on Monday 11th of March 2013 I will be setting off from Braunschweig to Hanover before heading on to Frankfurt a. M as the start of a 9 day solo trip around the southern half of Germany, spending 2 nights each at hostels in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich and Nuremberg.

Being in the north of Germany it can be difficult to get out and see much of southern Germany and doing several long distance trips can get expensive which is why I decided to do one extended trip and stay at hostels, hopefully making the most of the free time I have this month before summer semester starts in April.

Have planned this blog to mainly be just for this trip but I might add in some other hosteling experiences in the future

Josh x


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